My Story: How I am Rebuilding from My Failures



I’m Hitesh,

Vegan and adventurous by nature.
Content writer and contract drafter by profession.

A dropout who later earned an A+ grade (96.50%) in the Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Dispute Resolution.

Spoiler alert: If you’re looking for a success story, it’s going to take some time to be written here, so don’t bother reading this page for now. But if you want to know how I have screwed up my life, then please, by all means, be comfortable and continue reading.

The best part of my life is the adventures I’ve done:

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  • Bungee Jumping
  • Scuba Diving (Padi certified OW Diver)
  • Trekking (various up to 5k meters)
  • Devil’s Circuit (obstacle race)
  • Camping (mountain, beach, and lake)
  • Cycling Tours (night, beach)
  • Free Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Trail and Marathon Running (13.1 miles)
  • Paragliding
  • Rappelling
  • Surfing
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding
  • Simulated Boeing Flight Experience

and now starts the terrible one

I’ve always been a daydreamer and a wishful thinker, and apart from dreaming of a perfectly luxurious life where I would be traveling the entire world and enjoying all types of adventures, I always wanted to have an online business.

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I used to love this idea and follow it blindly, but later realized that pursuing a career based on what you love requires a lot more things to be mindful of, careful consideration, and planning.

For example, if someone is good at cooking food and wants to start an online coaching business, they will need to learn so many new skills like product photography, videography, learning management systems, marketing, advertising, creating SEO-optimized content, etc.

It’s true that one can also hire others, but even to build a capable team and operate it efficiently, it requires a particular skill set like delegation, team management, and resources like investment, etc.

I used to save money for a couple of years and then leave my job, risking everything to achieve that shining star I always wished for.

I wanted everything to be perfect, so I used to spend a good amount of time thinking about my dream business and spent countless hours finding the perfect domain name, designing logos, creating WordPress websites, creating content, etc.

Sometimes I was so confident that I even established firms and opened bank accounts for my amazing new online business (which I at least thought was so).

Little did I know they would turn out to be disasters in my career.

It took me three attempts to realize how dumb I was to start a new business without any prior experience of it, understanding the market, or even testing my idea with a minimum viable product or service before risking everything.

I failed in all my past attempts because I only did what I dreamed of doing without considering what the market required or whether I was competent enough to deliver it.

It took a long time for me to realize this simple fact: a business can only become successful if it is able to meet the customer’s demand or promote its products or services efficiently to create demand, and in no way can it sustain itself without a well-thought-out revenue plan.

Here are a few of my nostalgic memories: (Inspirational Articles)

  • I started because I have a spiritual side and wanted to help others.
  • Closed because I was only writing to inspire people without any SEO knowledge and couldn’t monetize it. (Vegan Treats, eCommerce)

  • I started because I became vegan in 2010 and wanted to promote it.
  • Closed because, at that time, it was very difficult to sell vegan products for two main reasons.
  1. India is a country obsessed with the dairy industry, making milk an irreplaceable item.
  2. People were not interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Thankfully, times have changed now; people are adopting a vegan lifestyle for various different reasons, from being ethical to healthy, and as a result, many dedicated vegan startups have also emerged to provide products at a reasonable price to reach out to the masses. (Feedback and Ratings, Affiliate Website)

  • I started because a lot of experts were teaching affiliate marketing as a way to earn passive income.
  • Closed because I was doing it the wrong way, i.e., instead of delivering value to the customers, I was focused only on selling products and services that provided high commission payouts, and due to high commissions, there were already a lot of well-established players promoting those, so it became almost impossible for an incompetent person like me to rank organically on page 1 to get any sales. (Financial Gain Solutions) and (Robust Trading Strategy)

  • I bought these domains because I was learning forex trading as a side hustle to get rich quick, and I had some early success that was enough to make me feel that I had found the holy grail.
  • I let go of them because I wasn’t profitable even after a couple of years and didn’t want to cheat others by being fake or selling dreamy products. (Gift Hampers, eCommerce)

  • I started because I loved the idea of customized gifting.
  • Closed because the market was tough to crack and very competitive.

As of now, I don’t own any of these domains.

It was difficult for me to let go of these domain names after keeping them for years because I had taken good time to come up with such short, creative, and catchy brandable domain names. So, if you find any of these websites working, I am not the owner of them or in any way associated with them.

No excuses. By being ignorant and irrational, I’ve wasted a lot of my money, blood, sweat, and tears, including the opportunity costs of over a decade.

But despite failing terribly and choosing to let go of them, I still love them because I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of creating them.

So everything’s not lost yet, and the good news is that I’ve gained good and versatile experience across various different topics after trying to do a lot of different things and being in connection with various businesses where I’ve worked or provided contract services.

Fast forward to 2023.

My life is still very far from perfect.

I’m still struggling.

Yet I’m back again.

And this time, it’s not wishful thinking.

I am fully prepared to not just chase my dreams blindly but to achieve predetermined goals with clarity.

Welcome to!
Hitesh’s Authentic Insights

Through this blog, I aim to share all the insights that I have gained over the last two decades or which I love to research on various topics, but with a twist, i.e., I won’t write just for the sake of writing or to sell anything, but the articles will only be written to provide value to visitors after a thoughtful process of researching as follows:

  1. What are visitors seeking on Google?
  2. Am I capable of fulfilling the desired search intent?
  3. Are there enough searches for me to put effort into?
  4. Is there a possibility that my article could rank on Google’s first page?

If the answer is yes to all, then only something would be shared; otherwise, with no visibility on page 1, who will read what I write (except for a percentage of subscribers)? and It makes no sense to burden the world wide web.

But how will my insights be helpful to visitors?

I believe anyone seeking something should get all the information they need in one shot so that they can make a well-informed decision, and it’s my priority to provide that as much as possible.

My goal is simple: To share insights that will save you time, encourage you at every step of the way, and empower you to create a better life.

Imagine a life free of stress and headaches.

That’s the kind of life I want for you. And if I can help you achieve that by sharing my own experiences, then I believe my life has been well lived.

And yes, not to mention later on, once my site has reached a certain level, there will definitely be monetization through ads and affiliate links with no additional cost to you, and I assure you that providing value in the best possible way will always be my top priority because without it, why would Google rank my article, and moreover, why would anyone even visit my blog?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and letting me help you.

That’s really incredible!

Thank you!

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